TOP 5 Favourite Fall/Winter Lip Colours


Welcome to my first blog post! I’m going to share my favourite lip shades that are perfect for fall and winter.

During fall and winter, I usually wear the shades that are darker but not extreme dark. I have a habit of biting my lips (don’t do it! It’s bad for you!), so my lips are drier than usual. Instead of classic form of lipstick, I actually prefer liquid lipsticks because they can last longer, so I don’t have to reapply throughout the day, prevent me from biting my own lip  -_-. Also, if you have dead skin on you lips before you apply, usually classic form of lipstick will not look good on it. I have to admit that it will become a little bit drying in the end of the day.

NO. 5:

Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge, 290, Poême          $39 CAN 

It’s a combination of rosy, mauve, and pink, a great everyday colour. I just recently purchased this from Sephora. This lipstick is matte but it’s not drying at all on the lips, and when I was reapplying after eating, it didn’t flack off. It totally impressed me. Also, it’s the coolest packaging ever: you click the top with a flower, the bottom will come out and you take the tube out, but be careful when you put it back.

It’s also a perfect colour for spring.

NO. 4: 

Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Dusty Rose       $26 CAN 

It’s a mauve with a little bit of purple. I like to apply it in the center of my lips and then fade the colour out by using by fingertips or q-tips. I found that it looks the most natural for everyday and it’s not sticky (I love) but it will fade a little after eating because it’s just thin layer. On day that I was wearing this colour,  I asked my friend, “is my lipstick faded?” My friend wouldn’t even able to tell that I had lipstick on.

(The bottom one)

NO. 3: 

Lime Crime in Sasha         $26 CAN 

Finally, Lime Crime is available in Toronto. You can buy it from Urban Outfitters or The Bay website. In fact, I did ton of researches before I decided to buy this colour and when I was purchasing it, it was the last one. I’m so glad that I got this colour because it’s a MLBB shade for me. It might seems a shade with a lot of purple in the tube and from so many swatches online BUT OH MY GOD. It’s a muted mauve colour, and when I apply it to my lips, it shows a little bit darker but it looks so natural. Really loving it. One thing is it will flack off a little in the centre of my lips but it’s totally fine with me.

(with indoor lighting)


NO. 2 : YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain 407   $42 CAN

It’s a shade that is really hard to buy in stores because they are all out of stock. I bought from it’s official website. It’s a really beautiful shade and it’s a shade that will appear different on different people. If you have pigmented lips, it will appear more red as I do; if you have lips that are not pigmented, it will more likely to show its true colour. It’s a reddish, a little bit of brown, a little shimmer if you see it closely. It’s a colour that is really hard to describe. It’s not drying at all on the lips, so perfect in winter. The name is “lip stain”, so it can stain your lips a little bit but not like the Korean lip stains. Just love it.


NO.1: YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil  05 Cherry My Cherie     $36 CAN

Yes, it’s a oil. I believe that they have ton of shades and 05 is the most pigmented one out all of them. 05 is a pink colour, when you wipe it with a tissue, it will show up as a fuchsia colour. It’s moisturizing and surprising long lasting. When you first apply it, it’s really shiny on you lips, people will think that you have ate something that is really oily. Wait for 5 minutes, the oiliness will be gone and leave a nice pink colour on your lips. Even after eating, you can still see the colour. I have to say that is an another kind of “liquid lipstick” but moisturizing on the same hand. Definitely my top 1 for fall and winter.



Hope you all enjoyed it and liked it!




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