Random Haul

Today, I wanna share a small random haul, the things that purchased recently from drugstore, NYX, and Sephora.



1: NYX ultimate eyeshadow palette  – warm neutral 

I’ve been wanting this palette for the longest time! It’s always sold out whenever I go to the NYX store. I got my hands on it last Friday and I brought it with me on the trip to Kingston. I was impressed with the shimmer shades but not so much for the lighter matte shades. I’m really liking it!

C$ 20

some swatches


2: Granier Micellar Water – for waterproof (w/ oil) 

I’ve been into micellar water for some reason these days because I need something to take off makeup before I go to gym. This is a travel size and I just wanna try it out first and ending up really liking it. I want to buy the pink one without oil. I have acne-prone skin and I’m worried that it will break out my skin someday. It’s taking off liquid lipstick really well and other makeup. Recommend it!

C $ 2.99


3. Kat Von D Translucent Setting Powder

I’m been wanting for a long time too because once I tried at Sephora, it smoothed out my skin perfectly. I was SHOOK! My mom bought it for me last week ( ❤  you mom ). I’ve been using it a lot lately pair with its setting spray (really love it). I’m still not sure about the ability to control oil but it melts to your skin and blurs out your pores. Going to test it out more.


4. Korean masks 

I went to a store that sells Korean and Japanese masks. I bought these ones because I have heard a lot of good things about. I’m also afraid that I might have allergy to any of these (it happened before with an another mask). I will probably write a review after I finished using with other my favourite Korean masks.


Have a good weekend!


One thought on “Random Haul

  1. aestheticvogue says:

    Love the items! I recently bought the Garnier Micellar water in the pink bottle and it’s amazing for removing makeup. It’s super gentle as well.

    Would love it if you would check out my blog aestheticvogue.com 💖


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